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Twenty-Third Century

When earth became united under 1 government, there were 7 locations where Parliament centers were created, the one for the Americas was created from Union City, New Jersey across the Hudson river from Manhattan, NY.

Unity City

The bridge was built back in the twenty-third century, to mark the opening of the United Earth Americas Parliament complex, the renaming of the Union City area to be Unity City, and its formal recognition as a new borough of New York.[1]

The Unity Bridge spans the Hudson River and connects Unity City to Manhattan. The sides are made of linked hands painted gold and supported by a pair of elegant turrets at each end. The bridge was built as a symbol of a united city in a united world.

Twenty-Fourth Century

New York was official abandoned in 2389.

Battles on the Barricades:

"...The remaining citizens were fighting off gangs of looters, and putting up barricades to defend their neighbourhoods,.."[2]

Twenty-Fifth Century

One of the seven locations of the Earth Government Parliament centers. This center has been taken over by the Scavenger Alliance, members of the Earth Resistance movement and the gangs of New York are struggling to survive in the Parliament House of America.

Summary of Events

The location where the events of Scavenger Alliance and Scavenger Blood takes place.

They anticipate that New York will go down in a fire storm in the spring of 2409 when the power grid safety overflow system finishes breaking down. So the Alliance makes plans to leave New York and find a safer location to live. But then a trio of off worlders appear at their door begging for help. The leader of the Alliance, Sean Donnelly has to make a split second decision rather to save them or let the scavengers take out their enmity on them. Donnell places them under his protection with the help of his daughter, Blaze. One of the off-worlders is hugely influential and can help them with their resettlement plans, help them to an extent that they hadn't realized was possible.

Battling alien animals, illness and a coup attempt, they make plans to leave as soon as the weather clears.

Twenty-Seventh Century

c. 2639 Earth teams opened up New York dig site for archaeologist/history students to start finding lost technology and history

Earth teams made the clearways, paths that are safe to travel, through the dig sites.

"...Earth teams taught the first teams from off world. They were the experts and we were clueless. We got into trouble and they dug us out..."[3]

Twenty-Eighth Century

New York City is a vast archelogy dig site where teams of history students and research teams dig out the buried stasis boxes hoping to uncover some of the information lost when Earth Data Net crashed in 2409.

Over the years they did successfully discovered information on how to create impact suits, hoover technology and food dispensers.


New York fringe dig site is where the prequel novella's take place, just the first part of Earth and Fire and most of Earth and Air. New York Main dig site is where Earth Girl takes place.

Earth and Fire 
Jarra meets up with Gradin to beg him to finish teaching her to fly so that she can get her pilot's license. He reluctantly agrees, but on their first time up the landing is rather rough and Gradin goes off on a dramatic tangent. Jarra runs away in tears and isn't sure she is going to continue but then realizes that if she doesn't she will never fly again. After Jarra returns for her flying lessons they are notified that there is a huge fire in Athens that is threatening the Pantheon. Gradin takes Jarra along to see what kind of pilot she will be, the kind that helps others or those that just fly their route.
Earth and Air
It is the beginning of the Schools history club outing to Fringe and there are three new members along for the first time. During the mornings, Jarra continues her flight lessons and the afternoon are spent helping the 3 newbies, one is a very small girl, age 12 that uncomfortably reminds Jarra of herself the first year she went to Fringe with her history club.
Earth Girl
It is the beginning of 2789, Jarra is 18 now and starting her history foundation year, but instead of being a dutiful ape and attending University Earth, she rebelled and signed up with an off-world university, Asgard. Because of that one decision she changes the course of Earth and ultimately humanity as well.


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