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When Adonis declared their independence from Earth and the other planets soon followed, they formed the initial Parliament of Planets as their governing body.


'The fifth Parliament session of the year always ends the day before Wallam-Crane Day,”

–Leveque to Jarra, [1]

Parliament of Planets is the governing body for all of the Planets of Humanity, except Earth until Jarra's Social Revolution when Earth was finally formally invited to become a member of Alpha Sector with elected officials.

The number of representatives each planet has is based on their population, which results in Alpha and Beta sectors having the most representatives with Gamma closely following, something that the younger sectors sometimes resent.

Planets per Sector

as of 2789

Representatives by Sector

as of 2789

  • Alpha Sector at 1610 reps.
  • Beta Sector has 1431 reps
  • Gamma Sector at 826 reps
  • Delta Sector 429 reps
  • Epsilon Sector 201 reps

There is a complicated formula used, on no set schedule, to determine how many representatives there are based on population. Frontier planets with less population then required will still have one representative.

Approximately 23,277,467 people per representative.


The population size of humanity in 2789 is about 105 billion people, and the expert advisors for Parliament of Planets are projecting a population rise of 21.5 per cent over the following hundred years.[2]

Approximations per Sector as of 2789

  • Alpha Sector (not counting Earth) - 37,476,721,870
  • Beta Sector - 33,310,055,277
  • Gamma Sector - 19,227,187,742
  • Delta Sector - 9,986,033,343
  • Epsilon Sector – less than 4,678,770,867

References and Notes


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