Portal Future Wiki

User Agreement

By editing the Portal Future Wiki, you agree to abide by Wikia’s Terms of Use.

  • This means that by editing or participating here, you agree that:
    • You are over 13 years of age.
    • You will not abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other users.
    • You will not post explicit, homophobic, racist, or otherwise deliberately offensive material.
    • You will not use the Wiki as a platform to advertise your goods or services.
    • You will not post or solicit information which invades others' right to privacy (such as personal information).
  • The above applies to all parts of our Wiki, including message walls, forums, talk pages, userpages, usernames, avatars and profile information, and breaking any of the above rules will lead to a ban, potentially a permanent ban depending on the offense.

General Guidelines

  • Assume all edits are made in Good Faith. Everyone makes mistakes. If you need to correct an error someone has made, politely explain your reasoning in the Edit Summary, or contact them on their message wall. Do not engage in edit wars.
  • Speculation or ambiguous information is not permitted. As a rule, if a sentence contains words such as "could", "might", "possibly" or "likely" you should question the fact's veracity. What might seem obvious to you might seem like speculation to others. Add sources where possible to backup your claim. If you are unsure, contact an Admin.
  • ALL content which is based on fan translations must be sourced to the original translator. Any translated work added to the wiki with no source will be removed. If you do not know the source, contact an Admin.
  • You can report vandalism to staff by leaving a message on an Admin's message wall.
  • Header/"Top-Hat" templates (for example, Template:Stub) should not be removed by editors without first contacting an Admin.

Message Walls

  • Portal Future Wiki isn't Facebook, please do not engage in lengthy off-topic conversations on your message wall, as it makes our Recent Wiki Activity more difficult to moderate. Please take lengthy conversations to a free instant messaging service such as Discord, which can be used without installing the application.
  • If a user asks a question on an Admin's wall, do not answer on the Admin's behalf or insert yourself into the conversation, as it blurs the line between moderators and editors.

User Pages

  • Do not add personal identifying information, such as your real full name, full family names, or contact information, anywhere on your profile. It will be removed for security purposes.
  • Deliberately offensive material is not permitted on user pages or user profiles, as per our User Agreement. This includes - but is not limited to - slurs of any kind.
  • Do not edit other users' sandboxes or userprofiles, even if you mean well. If you find an error in someone's work in progress, or have a suggestion, please bring it up on their message wall rather than editing directly.
    • The only exception to this rule is collaborations between users (please contact an Admin first to let us know), or in the case of Admins patrolling redlinks, broken images, or replacing templates.


For consistency sake, article templates have been created. The can be found at the the beginning of each category that you will likely create an article for. All article templates can be found at the beginning of the Help Category.

Also in the Help Category are specific templates for various functions with instructions on how to use.

An incorrect formatted article will initially be assigned to the "To be Deleted" category for at least a week to give the original editor a chance to correct the article. If it isn't corrected it will be deleted. Any editor that continuous to create incorrectly formatted articles will be banned, which may be either temporary or permeant.

  • All older articles are in the process of being reformatted but this is a time consuming project so will probably take a very long time, please feel free to help.

A Guideline for Editors can be found here, For Editors. If the idea of attempting any edits seem a bit intimidating at first please ask for help either on the Discuss forms or leave a message on an Admin's Wall.

Fan Work

While this is a Wiki for fan work, not all fan works will be permitted on this Wiki.

If the Fan work does not meet the standards listed in this policy yet an editor still wishes for it to be on this wiki, please contact an Admin so they can judge the material accordingly or else they may be removed without warning.


Fan work that contains this material is not under any circumstances permitted on this Wiki. If an editor believes a fan work should be added despite the rules listed below, contact an Admin. However, the answer will likely be no.

  • This wiki is run on a Good Faith model for both fan work and the creators and teams behind said fan works. If we feel this Good Faith is being broken by words, actions, or attitudes, we reserve the right to Blacklist and/or permanently ban anyone acting in this manner, even if said reasons aren't listed in our Rules and Guidelines. 
  • All fan work must follow the "Canon" of the series and not deviate from the authors original works. It is too confusing for new fans to differentiate from speculative or wishful thinking on other fans and the authors original intention. All speculation should be contained in the Discussion area.
  • Although articles do not have to be written in an impersonal manor, they must be based on the authors works and not include fan fiction or to much of the editors interpretation of what the author meant. Any speculation should be limited to the discussion area and not be included in articles.

Image Guidelines

General Rules

  • Images should be uploaded in the best quality available, and high resolution where possible.
  • Pornographic or otherwise nude/sexual images are not permitted - even if they are canonical to any fan-content such as a CG or a sprite - as they are against Wikia’s Terms of Use. If you are unsure whether an image breaks this rule, contact an Admin before uploading.
  • In image galleries, make an effort to describe what the image is in the caption as well as the source and / or artist.


In order to ensure our image database is easy to search, filenames should, at minimum, include the name of the image and not meanless string of letters and / or numbers.


  • While uploading images for your userpage is allowed, it is strongly suggested that they are uploaded to a service such an external hosting service such as IMGUR and embedded, in order to make our image uploads easier to moderate.
  • Any fanart images MUST include "Fan work" in the caption when used and in the file annotations when up loaded.
  • Any images uploaded to your userpage including nudity, gore, jumpscares, deliberately offensive content, or which otherwise break our User Agreement guidelines will be removed.


The following behavior is considered vandalism:

  • Adding irrelevant or nonsensical information to any article.
  • Deliberately removing correct information with no clarification in the edit summary or contacting an admin.
  • Using offensive language or breaking the Wikia Terms of Use outlined in our User Agreement.
  • Writing in a language other than English, because Admins cannot moderate it.
    • Exceptions are given to non-English fan-content on article pages such as names or titles, however discussion on the wiki and main bodies of article should remain fully in English.
  • Edit-warring with another editor (continuously editing/undoing edits on a page to change or remove another editor's contribution). Conflicts or debates between editors should be taken to the article's talk page or the individuals' message walls. If necessary, contact an Admin to mediate the dispute.
  • Raiding the Wiki as part of a group of vandals making similar edits in a short period of time will result in an instant permanent ban.
You can report vandalism to staff by adding a message to an Admin's message wall.

Additional information can be found in Policies and Help categories.