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Regrowth Fluids

  • Has a "numbing taste"[1]
  • Sterile
  • It is a "clear" liquid.

Regrowth Patches

  • Come in different sizes
  • Relieves pain and heals minor injuries
  • Used to close a wound area

Regrowth Tanks

Someone going into the tank to heal injuries has to be prepared by creating openings into the skin so that the regrowth fluid can enter the body.

  • Is there fluid absorbed through the skin at all?
  • How do they "breath"?

When moving a patient to the tank, filling it with fluid and hooking the person into the vital signs monitor the tank rests on the floor, but once it is occupied and sealed the tank is raised to an upright position against a wall. The tank is moved by a short rail system that is usually covered in removable carpet squares.[1]

  • Can be used for extended periods of time
    • The longest time known in the series so far is Jarra's three-months in a tank (was a length of time mentioned for Stephen's legs regrowth?)
  • Used for the most serious of injuries and for re-growing major body parts
  • Filled with regrowth fluid
  • Used in rejuvenation treatments

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