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Did you know, at one time they tried swapping babies? They took away the normal baby of Handicapped parents and gave them a Handicapped baby from off-world instead. They did it by force. I bet they never taught you that in your off-world school.

–narrative, [1]

Runners and Changeling Era

Runners were hired by off world hospitals to get the babies born with immune system problems to Earth. Because of the portals having a limited range this took many trips, so the runners took special medicine to be able to coop with many successive trips.

by 2420 the runners were organized and offered insurance to prospective parents that insured that their baby if born with the immune system problems would be given the best of care. Since it was only 1 in a thousand births that the baby would have this problem, the runners offered the insurance at a very low price.

"...by about 2420, the professional runners had everything organized. There wasn’t time to negotiate prices when a baby was dying, so they made the arrangements with anxious expectant parents in advance. It was presented as an insurance policy, guaranteeing your baby extra care if it turned out to be among the unlucky one in a thousand.”

–Jarra, [2]

But some runners offered an extra service, to replace the baby with one that wasn't born with immune system problem and had a similar appearance to their own baby. They justified this by explaining to the prospect parents that most of the adults on Earth also had the immune system problem which limited their intelligence and they found it hard to cope with their normal born children so were happy to exchange their normal baby for one of their own kind.

“You mean that’s how all the prejudice against people born with immune system problems began?” demanded Fian. “With these evil stories spread by runners?”

–Fian, [2]

When explained this way the unlucky parents were happy to accept a substitute baby believing that they were helping out a normal born child to live a better life and also helping their replacement babies' parents with coping and caring for their child.

“Earth didn’t have an effective government in the aftermath of Exodus century. Groups of runners armed with off-world weapons would visit Earth settlements looking for suitable babies, and take the ones they wanted by force..."

–Jarra, [2]

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