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...When I was fourteen years old, the Earth Loyalist Party recruited me to sing their songs. I became famous as the voice and the symbol of their cause, and news reporters started shortening Sean Donnelly to Donnell. That name stuck, so I became Donnell as my public image, but I preferred my closest friends to keep calling me Sean.

–Donnell, [1]

Personality and Characteristics

Sean Donnelly is an idealist. He passionately believes in the Earth that he knew before Exodus Century and he mourns the lost of diversity and history. He also has a very hard time expressing his personal feelings towards family and friends.

Early years:

He was recruited when he was fourteen to be the face and voice of the Earth Loyalist party. When he was 19 years old, he formed the Earth Resistance and in 2375 led the occupation of the New York Parliament House.

Family Information:

When he was in London to negotiate an alliance between the London resistance members and the last of the London gangs, he met Keira and immediately fell at her feet.

Married c. 2382 - 2385 London to Keira Helena O’Shaughnessy who died in the London Firestorm c.2401

They had two children Seamus and Blaze. Keira was pregnant with Blaze when Donnell was called back to New York to settle the Alliance there, so was unable to go with him.

He had a falling out with Keira, so Donnell never met Blaze until she escaped the Firestorm to New York, eleven years later.


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I like your hand on heart salute, said Tad, from behind me.
I turned to face his shadowy figure and smiled. Donnell says that the Military salute points to the head, but the important things come from the heart.

–Tad and Blaze, [1]

Scavenger Alliance Summary

The years of leading the Earth Resistance party and the Scavenger Alliance are weighing heavily upon Donnell's shoulders. The Alliance had just lost 32 people to the Winter Fever, including Donnell's Deputy and best friend, Kasim.

On top of it, there is a power play developing to take over the leadership of the Alliance by Cage, a truly terrible, power hungry and dangerous Manhattan member.

Donnell struggles to keep his daughter, Blaze safe and the Alliance together. He has had an uneasy relationship with Blaze ever since his son, Seamus, betrayed him and the alliance. Instead of talking to her he has let it go on for years but she is 18 now and he is ready to try and put the past behind them.


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Scavenger Blood Summary

Donnell's struggles to defeat Cage and hold the alliance together continues, adding the burden of trying to convince everyone that they need to leave New York in early spring and to prepare for the long journey with the elderly and babies.

He still has a chaos hard time expressing his feelings toward his daughter, Blaze, but their relationship has stabilized.

Donnell looked confused. Helena was your mother, of course. She was Keira Helena O’Shaughnessy. Helena means light, and the song is about how she filled my world with light.

–Sean Donnelly to Blaze, [1]

When their food supply has reached max and they can end rationing, Donnell organizes a evening of entertainment for the Alliance where Blaze makes her debut. When she sings a song that the Alliance had never heard before, a song that her Mother sang to her as a bed time lullaby most nights, Donnell is shocked. The song was one that he had written just for her mother and he had never performed it before.

By the end of the book, with Blaze's help, they have imprisoned Cage and all of his supporters, into the old Wallan-Crane fortress and the rest of the alliance is in accord, with a common goal to prepare for the relocation.


  1. Edwards, Janet. Scavenger Blood (Scavenger Exodus Book 2) . Wallam-Crane Press. Kindle Edition.

Scavenger Exodus Summary

This book is yet to be published. The page will be updated when we find out more.


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