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As of the 28th century, humanity has settled approximately 1200 planets. Planet First Military teams continuously evaluate and explore new sectors and survey new planets for future human colonization.

Every new planet is evaluated to be optimal for human settlement so that no one planet becomes overcrowded and over-exploited the way Earth had been. Planets must have a suitable landmass with mild climates, stable and compatible flora and fauna. Some of these planets are ideal and perfect for colonization but the available land mass is too small. These planets are labeled as near misses and some are utilized for other purposes, such as Concordia where the Parliament of Planets is located.

“Each sector only has 200 inhabited star systems,” said the General Marshal. “Portalling between inhabited worlds gives the illusion they’re packed closely together, when they’re actually scattered widely across space. We’re extremely selective when we choose our colony worlds. For every star system with a planet satisfying the criteria of Planet First, there are a hundred with a planet where human beings could survive with some difficulty, and many thousands with planets completely unsuitable for human life but with their own alien plant and animal life in abundance. Far more star systems exist without any sign of life at all.[1]

Every Sector has the right to request a specialist planet, such as Winter in Gamma Sector. Winter is a cold snowy planet that was rejected for human colonization but is used for specialized manufacturing. It is also used as a snow and ski resort holiday destination.

Human nature being what it is, the oldest planets are not the paradise that the original waves of colonists expected. There is still overcrowding, crime, poverty, and elitism. Pollution is limited through advance technology and by not settling more than one landmass per planet. Immigration to a new planet or to one of the frontier planets is fairly open and encouraged. (See also Epsilon Sector Colonization Advisory Service)


Every planet has a memorial to the Military that cleared the planet for colonization, included is a list of those that died to give humanity a new planet.

Every planet celebrates "Founders Day" which is the anniversary of the hand-over ceremony from the military to the Colony Ten settlers and when the planet is officially named.

Founder Day traditions vary by planet, some have silly little pageants put on by children, with other games and fur activities for all. But some planets, such as Sobek in Epsilon Sector hold solemn ceremonies in memory of the many military officers that died during Planet First.


Every sector has their own version of the fairytale Cinderella.

New Adults

When teens turn 18 they have the right to move to another sector. The new adults often apply to the Wallam-Crane Charitable Foundation for assistance in finding the right new world that will match with their needs. Some of the sector parents are more obstructive then others. All sectors have some people that wish to change world, the sectors that the 17 years turn 18 on Year Day are usually the busiest to move them around and some need to move to a safe house in another sector first.

The Golden Triad

Every new world that humanity settles, apples, potatoes and chickens are always grown or raised, they are referred to as the “Golden Triad”. The varieties are carefully selected for those that will do well on each alien planet.

Sector Dialects

Even though "Language" is in use by all of humanity each sector has developed what is known as their own dialect. That is where new words are introduced and are in use in just that sector. The new words can be made up ones that others start to use, old words with new meanings or words from one of the "Old" languages.

Planets that have a unique culture can also develop their own dialect that is separate from their sector's dialect. This is especially prevalent in Alpha Sector.[2]

Alpha Sector

Alpha Sector was originally settled with each old earth country and / or culture settling their own planet. Some of these planets have devised their own unique dialects or have used words from their ancient past on Earth. Some planets have done this on purpose to obscure what they are talking about to people from other planets within their own sectors.[2]

Beta Sector

Beta Sector dialect is heavily influenced by old earth Greek and Roman words. New words have also been introduced that describe things that are unique to their sector, such as the various types of "triad" marriages and genetic relationships.[2]

Frontier Sectors

Newer sectors such as Epsilon have only created a few words that are unique to them and Kappa hasn't had a chance to create a sector dialect as of 2789.[2]

Planets by Sector

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Kappa Zeta
Academy Aether Alcestis Fenrir Galahad Maia Fortuna
Adonis Artemis Asgard Hercules Miranda Merlin Gateway
Apollo Atalanta Beowulf Isis Percival Brynhild[3]
Cassandra Aurora Fianna Osiris Sobek K19448[4]
Danae Janus Jason Hathor Zhurong[5]
Demeter Pyrrhus Loki Heimdall
Earth Romulus Tethys
Freya Thetis Winter
Hecate[2] Zeus

Capital planets are in bold.

Sector Neutral

Planet Notes
Concordia Home of Parliament of Planets

Unspecified Sector

Planets mentioned but not specified which Sector they were in

Planet Notes Planet Notes
Achilles Ajax
Gymir either Alpha or Beta
Mextli Oberon
Persephone either Alpha, Beta or Gamma Prometheus
Thor Titania


For more information please visit the individual Sector Pages.

Alpha Sector
Alpha Sector surrounds the planet Earth and was the first sector colonized. Earth is physically at the center of Alpha Sector. Colonization of the first planet and Alpha Sector capital, Adonis began in 2310. The last planet opened for colonization in 2365 and the sector was closed for colonization before 2400. Alpha Sector is associated with wealth and aristocracy.
Alpha Sector consists of 201 planets at the beginning of the Earth Girl Trilogy; at the end there is 202 planets.
Beta Sector
Beta Sector was the second sector colonized. Colonization began in 2370. When humanity's portals broke down and planets were cut off from each other, Beta Sector restructured into clans by family and craft to preserve and pass down knowledge. Beta Sector is well known for its drastic cultural and political differences between itself and humanity's other sectors - its clan structure and permissiveness as well as its declaration of the breakaway Second Roman Empire and eventual reunification. Many people in other sectors do not regard Betans highly.
There are 203 planets in Beta Sector with Zeus as the capital.
Gamma Sector
Colonization began in 2381. By the end of Exodus Century, there were settlements on 100 planets. Out of humanity's sectors at the time, Gamma Sector was hit the hardest when humanity's portal system broke down as its planets were not established enough to survive on their own. Colonization only finished over two centuries later. Gamma Sector is considered to be culturally moderate.
By Jarra's time, Gamma Sector has 203 planets with Asgard as its capital.
Delta Sector
Colonization began in 2600. Delta Sector is known as the most culturally conservative of all the sectors and for its focus on science in both education and profession.
Delta Sector has 202 planets and the capital planet is Isis.
Epsilon Sector
Colonization began in 2698. In Jarra's time, Epsilon Sector is still considered part of humanity's frontier since the last Epsilon planet only fully opened for colonization ten years prior. They are somewhat conservative in culture and dress but notably allow triad marriages of two men and one woman due to the high ratio of single men to single women.
Epsilon Sector has 201 planets and its capital has not yet been decided.
Kappa Sector
As the latest sector to be colonized, Kappa Sector is humanity's current frontier. All of Kappa Sector is still under Military jurisdiction and Colony Ten laws. Travel is limited to incoming colonists and Military only.
Zeta Sector
The Military had started their initial assessment for colonization in Zeta Sector when the alien probe appeared above Earth. After the alien home planet is discovered in Zeta Sector, the military stopped all colonization plans for Zeta Sector.
Sigma Sector
Is the next sector being assessed for colonization, starting in late in 2789 or 2790.

References and Notes


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