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During the Carrington Event when the Military personal at the 5 solar arrays in Earth space needed to evacuate, the last ship down ended up by crashing at the New York Dig site.

Colonel Torrek was the pilot, and he knew he couldn't make it to White Sands where the other ships landed, so he was aiming for the river alongside the New York Dig site. When he realized, he would have to crash he only knew that the ruins of New York would be free of any population centers so aimed for the center.

When they crashed, he took out some remaining skyscrapers that came down on top of the ship. The ship was deeply buried, but it still had its shields so was safe from being crushed from the debris.

In an unprecedented rescue effort led by Site Leader Pereth of Earth 2, twenty-four dig teams including Asgard 6 (a mix of Asgard 6 and Cassandra 2) successfully unearthed the ship and extracted all crew members without fatalities.

While digging out Solar 5, an electrical current arced through the dig site, causing several Tag Team leaders to be injured, including Jarra. Later those that were injured or died from the military as well as the injured dig team members were awarded the Artemis medal. All members of the dig team as well as the military were awarded a new medal "The Earth Star". ( See Military honors for awards)

We aren’t civilians

It was during this event that … “We aren’t civilians, we’re archaeologists!” saying started in response to the military not wanting civilians to be in danger while rescuing them.

General Riak Torrek
"This is Solar 5. We’re within five degrees of horizontal, and the shields are stable, but you shouldn’t attempt this. It’s our job to protect civilians, not put them at risk rescuing us."
Dig Site Command
"This is Dig Site Command. We aren’t civilians, we’re archaeologists! You’ve already breached site regulations by entering New York Main without proper clearance, so we expect you to quietly follow instructions."
Earth Girl[1]

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