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When writing, editing or adding content, please be careful of the way you handle major spoilers. Minor spoilers are going to happen and will be expected but some major plot points should be handled with desecration. There are a few ways that they can be handled without limited what information to include. Remember that our purpose is not to describe every single thing that happens to the point where someone would not have to read the book or story to know what happens, but to refresh people's mind on generally what happened for when they read the sequels. Or to bring attention to small, throw away events that may easily be forgotten but yet may have a greater impact in latter stories.

The Basics

First of all be sure and read this wiki's Guidelines and Policies Fandom has created many helpful pages to teach you basic editing and beyond But for those of you that haven't edited a wiki before, there are some basic help guides that will get you started. some of these links are already listed in the right columns.

Fandom Help articles about the basics.

Visit the Help Category for various Help articles created specify to this wiki.

Red Text

Whenever you see some words in "Red" in an article, it simply means that an article needs to be created. If you click on the words in red, the page changes to a blank article page already set to edit mode and with the correct page name generated. All you have to do is start typing, save the page and assign it to a category. It is always a good idea to check out the format used in a similar article.

Article Stubs, Clean up and Expanding

  • Write new content for Stub articles. Each section should have some content, even if it's just a sentence or two, if you don't have anything to add to a section, then leave it blank for now.

Even though several of the stub articles have a category, some characters and events need more tailoring then others. Such as Military officers need to have a section titled Military to indicate what their duties and ranks is or was. It is possible that an event or a location doesn't need any sections except for a reference section at the bottom.

Write a New Article

Not everything that needs an article has already been entered. If you are familiar with the books and stories there are many characters, events and locations that haven't had an article created yet.

Characters: Please do not create an article for a minor characters where there is very limited information about them. If you are going to create an article about a character, even if there is only a small amount you are adding, please add the templates stub and character, as well as all of the appropriate section headers.

Events and Locations: Not every event and location needs an individual article page. Only planets with a lot of known information need to be separated out, please review the sector pages and look at the planet section. These tab tables can hold a few sentences without a problem. To add info to them, you have to do it "source" mode. All of the Sectors have a page, though several could use a bit more information.

If a guide is created for that category of articles, please use the information in the guide as a basses for your new article.


Many of the info boxes will assign the top level category automatically, such as the Character info box will automatically add that page to the Character category. But the Characters in particular should be added to the proper sequence category, too.


An infobox is just another type of template. There are a couple of Fandom articles that will help you understand them:

Templates and Infoboxes is an area that I've spent a lot of time on and something that I am very particular about, so please do not create any new ones or changes the ones that are here. If you think one of them can be improved upon or that we need a new one, please discuss it with me. I am more then happy to make all of our lives easier with templates. The Book template is very specific and detailed, for the time being please do not mess with it at all, it is still a work in progress.

Advanced Editing

One of best things for editors to learn is how to use wiki text, this will take your articles to the next level. Learn what the symbols are at Help:Wikitext There is also Magic Words that you can add while in source mode Help:Magic words many of them can be very helpful in taking your article to the next level. I've created several guides that are in Help that will explain how to use some of the common templates and processes utilized here, but are considered advance.

I am always willing to help new editors or visitors, just leave me a message on my talk page and I will get back to you soonest. Star (Messages)

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