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We find more than history,” I said. “Just before Exodus century, human civilization was at its peak, building incredible places like Ark, Eden, and New Tokyo. Then everyone rushed off to new worlds, the Earth data net crashed, and we lost half of human knowledge. These ruins are full of clues to lost science, either preserved by pure chance or protected inside a stasis box.

–narrative, [1]

Lots of everyday items use ancient technology rediscovered by dig teams,” added Fian. “Food dispensers, impact suits, even hover luggage.

–narrative, [1]

Stasis boxes are containers protected by stasis fields. Anything inside a stasis box is preserved as long as the field is powered.

Stasis boxes can have different shapes and sizes. Stasis fields are described as "made up of lots of nothing" [2] that show up as negative areas in sensors. Stasis fields are deactivated with a stasis key.

Exodus Century

During the rapid emigration from Earth, humans often left mementos of their past lives in stasis boxes, such as wedding dresses, toys, antiques, and data chips. Stasis boxes were also used for research, paintings, and medicine.

Stasis boxes were also used to hold hazardous materials such as bombs, missiles, and radioactive materials.

At the end of Exodus century, the Alliance in New York used stasis boxes to store hot food and transport materials.


In the early 27th century, the first archaeology teams began setting up dig sites in Earth ruins to look for stasis boxes. They found enough items of value to set up larger operations.

By Jarra's time, archaeology dig sites had been set up in ruins all over Earth. Stasis boxes are detected as gaps or empty spaces in sensor sled readings.


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