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Tad shrugged. “Since Thaddeus Liberty, we’ve had three generations of the only child being a boy. My grandfather is Thaddeus Napoleon. My father was stuck with being Thaddeus Odysseus and loathed it. My grandfather tried to call me Thaddeus Ptolemy, but my father rebelled and managed to get me called Paul. My grandfather disapproved of the name Paul though, which is why people started calling me Tad.

–Tad to Blaze, [1]

Personality and Characteristics

Tad is often obnoxious in his constant asking of questions and annoying in his assumption that he has the right to ask them, partially because of the way he was raised, as the heir to the Wallam-Crane dynasty but mostly because he is webbed and with just a thought has access to unlimited amount of knowledge and data.

All of his life he has known that he must reinvent portal technology to save the 500 planets of humanity where the existing portals are breaking down from age. Tad knows that if he doesn't succeed civilization will fall and all of the planets will be on their own. This knowledge and failure has caused him to loose a lot of overbearing assurances and he realizes that the fidelis project may be the last hope to save civilization.

Tad alternates between moments of working miracles and moments of total incompetence,” said Donnell. “There never seems to be anything in the middle.[1]

Early Years

When Tad was 6, his father was kidnapped and murdered. His Grandfather took his mother to court to gain custody and forced Tad's mother to move to Apollo.

Tad shrugged. “I don’t care about Adonis customs or what my grandfather expects. It will sound ridiculous, but the person I most respected as a child was one of my martial arts trainers."

“I don’t see anything ridiculous about that.”

“The ridiculous bit is that he was an Adonis Knight,” said Tad.[1]

Tad wanted to go through the 10 trials but was denied by his grandfather who told him he didn't have time and they were too dangerous. Even though the family were not among the first settlers they were given Honorary Knight status so Tad qualified to attempt the trials. He deeply believes in the Adonis Knight oath and tries to live his life by it's principles. Which Blaze discovers is what attracted her to him in the first place.

When Tad was 9 years old he was implanted with a Web so that he could access the planet's "net". Since the technology had been lost for about 50 years to create and maintain implanted webs, a used Web had to be recovered and implanted. The web was salvaged from a deceased child's brain, one that had died when everyone was still implanted at age 7. Tad was terrified of having something implanted in his brain and of using one from someone that was deceased. His mother support of him caused the final break between her and his grandfather. His grandfather took her to court and gained complete guardianship of Tad. He was forcefully implanted with a web. His web was modified so he could access it and do any tuning that was required as his brain grew and changed.

Portal Failures

After the infrastructure on earth failed due to the mass exodus of people, it became impossible to manufacture new portals and replacement parts. After 50 years the international portals started to fail. The Wallam-Crane family was expected to figure out a simpler portal so that the parts could be manufactured. Tad's father had been webbed and was working on this problem when he was kidnapped and murdered to stop the recreation of portal technology.

When Tad was 14 his grandfather put him in charge of the Portal project and told everyone that he was a genius, even thought he was only a bright boy with the advantage of being webbed. He hadn't been able to come up with a solution and the government of Adonis lost faith in him. But then a delegation from Beta Section came to see him and talked him into joining the Fidelis Project. (See also: Beta Sector)

Before heading to Zeus, in Beta Sector, Tad along with Phoenix his research assistance and Braden their pilot, both need to get to Beta Sector for personal reasons, go to New York City to retrieve a part from one of the early prototype portals at the Wallam-Crane Museum. After retrieving the part, they exit the Museum only to discover that the plane was parked to close to a skyscraper and it was damaged from falling debris.

They saw the smoke coming from the Parliament House so head there where they discovered the last remnants of humanity in New York City.


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You won’t fail!” Phoenix grabbed Tad by the shoulders and shook him. “What happened to your insufferable ego? You’re Thaddeus Wallam-Crane the Eighth. You’re the last man in humanity to be webbed. You’ll re-invent interstellar portal technology and stop civilization from falling!

–Phoenix to Tad, [1]

Scavenger Alliance

At the beginning of the book Tad doesn't comprehend how dire his, Phoenix's and Braden's situation really is when they ask for help from the Alliance. He grew up on a fairly safe, civilized planet as one of the elite citizens so has no real comprehension of just how uncivilized the Alliance is.

Thanks to Phoenix's awareness and lack of fear in straightening Tad out he does start to realize that the people that he asked for help from are in desperate straits. He also realized that they needed his help and he could help them.

He started caring for Blaze almost immediately and tried to talk her into going with him to Zeus in what ever capacity that she wanted to, just to get her away from Earth. She immediately refused to abandon Earth and the Alliance.

When Tad learned that the reason they had to hard wire portals was to bypass the DNA checks, using his web and the Wallam-Crane passwords he cancelled the DNA block so that in the future none of the alliance members would have to hard wire a portal.

Once Donnell discovered that Tad was webbed he was able to help out in more obvious ways. It was Tad's suggestion that Blaze and he find a Medical storage facility as the Alliance desperately needed medical supplies. It was while they were on this trip that in order to turn on the outside fire defenses he ended up by turning on the electricity throughout New York.

Tad was able to find the information on the Web that finally convinced Donnelly that New York was going to explode in a firestorm in the coming months.

Tad was given the tag of an Open Mouth and a star, by Marsha. The star was for the off-worlders and the Open mouth for his ability to talk all of the time and ask a lot of questions.


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I was extremely naïve when we arrived in New York,” said Tad bitterly, “but now even I’ve worked out that we’re not in an ideal world. We’re with the last seven hundred people struggling to survive in an abandoned city, and there’s a murderer running loose.

–Tad, [1]

Scavenger Blood

Tad continues to be helpful at key points through out the book.

Even though Blaze decides that a relationship between the two wont work out, mostly because everything is too much unstable within the Alliance, Tad never gives up hope. By the end of the story they are back together.

When the division leaders are told who Tad really is he mentioned to them that he could create a false background for them so that when they formed their new settlement they could live openly and register the younger people and children as citizens of earth and even help some of them go off world. This is what convinced Raeni and Wall in particular that they had to put aside their divisions feud and work together so that they could get out of New York.


  1. Edwards, Janet. Scavenger Blood (Scavenger Exodus Book 2) . Wallam-Crane Press. Kindle Edition.

Book is to be published. Once it is, this page will be updated.

Scavenger Exodus


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