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As Paul said to Kairos. As Tellon Blaze cried out to humanity. As my grandfather Draco shouted when he stood at the door of the Tell clan hall and demanded entrance for himself and his sister. Let the stars go dark!

–Drago, [1]


26th Century

Tellon Blaze was the founder of the Tell Clan on Zeus. A grateful Beta sector granted him the right to form a clan of the gentes maiores and they built him a magnificent Clan House, in appreciation for his actions on Thetis.

Official Story
Tellon Blaze was an 18 year old Cadet at the Military Academy when they went on a field trip to Thetis. While there the Chimera attacked and everyone else started to run away but Tellon Blaze stepped up to do what no one else was doing and to rally the other people which he led to defeat the Chimera. He received field promotions all of the way to Colonel during Thetis Chaos year.

Tellon Blaze was originally a member of the middle ranked Blaze Clan.

27th Century

28th Century

Once again the Tell clan leads the way as the first clan to not just acknowledge one of the Handicapped, but to welcome one in as a full member.


We were a smaller and tighter-knit clan than average, bound together by a secret that couldn’t even be shared with our chosen partners in life, and held to far higher standards than usual because of our legendary clan founder.

–Drago, [2]

The Tell Clan as a member of the gentes maiores is the leader of the Military alliance for Beta Sector. The founder, Tellon Blaze, was a member of the Blaze Clan, a middle rank clan of Scientists located on Zeus. But they have very close ties to the founding Military Clans and with those clans belong to an older alliance that predates the forming of their Betan Clans.

The Tell clan continues to maintain a small farm that focuses on growing fruit trees and salad plants and for historical reasons they raise chickens. This area provides a means of relaxation for the serving military people when home on leave. In conjunction they also maintain a park which may be where the "ancient paths" that Helena and Paul walked.[3]

They also maintain a coastal "Garden of remembrance" where plaques and statures are erected for Tell Clan members that are buried elsewhere.

Formal Naming conventions

For females during formal presentations, their name would include "Tellona" instead of the abbreviated Tell and for males, "Tellonus" would be used.

Coming of Age Ceremony

Drago Tellonus Dramis of the line of Tellon Blaze, you have entered the door of knowledge. You will walk the corridors trod by your ancestors and face the three encounters. You will meet Tellon Blaze. You will meet the chimera. You will meet yourself.

–Dragon to Drago, [4]

[Jaxon and Drago] ... tried to break into the ritual area used in the clan coming of age ceremony.[5]

The "Coming-of-Age" Ceremony is held when a birth member turns 18 and during the ceremony, the clans deepest secrets are revealed. For some this is a shattering experience that takes them time to recover.


There are two secrets revealed during the "Coming of age" ceremony.

  1. not revealed yet
  2. Draco and his sister Jarra's Parentage and upbringing.
...and there was the complicating factor of my grandfather and great-aunt’s parentage and upbringing as well. That information was a closely guarded secret, known only to the Tell clan and the holders of the General Marshal position

–narrative, [6]

Clan Archives

The Tell clan archives held some personal accounts of major events written by my ancestors. Those didn’t just go as far back as the founding of the Tell clan by Tellon Blaze, but to the origins of the Blaze clan before that, even including accounts written at the end of Exodus century.

–Narrative, [7]

But none by Tellon Blaze concerning Thetis and the Chimera.

...the old legend about Tellon Blaze leaving a personal record of the events of the chimera wars hidden somewhere...

–Narrative, [8]


When a clan member retires, they are provided with a home at their clan hall, where they are respected for their age and experience and often serves on Clan Council. But occasionally like all families, there are members that are not welcomed, for those members the clan provides them with accommodations at one of the luxury retirement resorts that all of the clans use for their disagreeable members.


Jarra Tell Morrath
Earth Girl, Jarra's Grandmother. Triad marriage with Riak Torrek and Bard Tell ______. Military Colonel at the time of her death. Died prior to any series currently published, but had strong impacts on her descendants and other Tell clan members so is often mentioned and events in her life discussed.
Bard Tell _____
already a member of the Tell clan before marring Jarra Tell Morrath and Riak Torrek. Died at the same event that his wife died at.
Marack Tell Galad
Son of Jarra Tell Morrath, father of Earth Girl Jarra. Killed at K19448 in Kappa Sector that was being cleared for colonization. Military Colonel at the time of his death.
Jaxon Tell Galad
Jarra's oldest brother, a fighter pilot in the military
Gemelle Tell Feren
Jarra's older sister, the youngest Military security officer ever recruited.
Jarra Tell Morrath
Lead character in The Earth Girl trilogy. Honor child for her Grandmother, Jarra Tell Morrath.
Draco Tell Dramis
Dragon's father and brother of Jarra Tell Morrath. Died prior to any series currently published but had strong impacts on his descendants and other Tell clan members so is often mentioned and events in his life discussed.
Dragon Tell Dramis
Mentioned often but only appears in Earth Flight of the Earth Girl Triology' during Jarra's and Fian's betrothal ceremony. Father of Drago Tell Dramis and appears in the Drago Tell Dramis sequence.
Drago Tell Dramis
Plays a major part in Earth Star and Earth Flight. Hera 2781 is told from his POV as well as one of the short stories in Earth 2788. His story of what happened after Hera 2781 continues in the 2781 Sequence books.

Brief Appearances or Mentions

Caius Tell Galad
Benard's Son, a cousin that runs the behind the scenes of Jarra's and Fian's betrothal ceremony
Benard Tell Galad
Marack Tell Galad's brother
Seanna Tell Morrath
Marack Tell Galad's sister
Bard Tell _____
Seanna's son and honor child for his Grandfather Bard.
Cordelia Tell Gavanth
b. c. 2708. An older distant cousin of both Jaxon and Drago and a Colonel in the military who is bitter over her failed relationships and jealous of Madrigal.[9]

Trivia and Misc.

  • The Tell Clan banner looks a bit like the Thetis medal.
  • Their clan anthem is the "Thetis March". (Composed by Madrigal, Drago's Mother)

Tattered Flag

"The incongruous sight of a battered flag with an image of Earth.

–narrative, [10]

When Jarra visits the Tell Clan house on Zeus near the end of Earth Flight, she mentions seeing a tattered flag with an image of earth on it.

This flag is more than likely the last flag of the Earth Resistance movement, See Scavenger Exodus series

References and Notes


Note from Janet: When asked what the phrase Let the stars go dark! actually means, she replied that it means "To Hell with the consequences".

Note from the editor: Regarding the clan banner, Janet did mention to me that the military medals show "an iconic image of the original related event" on them and since the Tell banner and pin that Drago wore was similar to the Thetis medal, that is what I based the design on. The date is an approximation based on Jarra mentioning in Earth Girl that Thetis happed a quarter of a millennium in the past. With new information from the 2781 Sequence of books, the founding was probably a little earlier then 2740, but I plan on leaving it as is until we have a new knowledge. No mention has ever been made that the clans have a "motto", but I thought it would be appropriate. Since the Chimera have multiple appearance and the only description, we have is gray when Drago encountered the dead body of one on Fortuna's moon, I just used an image of a T-Rex as appropriately scary, that image may eventually change when the Tellon Blaze stories are written and released.

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