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Personality and Characteristics

Early years



...my illustrious ancestor had developed an embarrassing habit of using a laser pen to carve his thoughts on nearby rocks, walls, and even his own memorial statue. Nobody had ever dared to erase any of those casual scrawls, but the Tell clan children were regularly warned that carving words on walls was a privilege reserved for people who’d saved the human race from extinction. I wasn’t sure how our sister Blaze clan dealt with that problem. Possibly the children of scientists were too dutifully earnest to think of carving anything on walls.

–narrative, [1]


“The most terrifying creatures humanity has ever met were the chimeras of Thetis. Everyone’s seen the ent vids building up the legend of Tellon Blaze fighting them. An 18-year-old boy doing the impossible, rallying people against a terrifying foe and leading them to victory.

–narrative, [2]

"The Official Story"
He’d been a cadet on a field trip from the Military Academy, when he got caught on Thetis at the start of the chaos year. He hadn’t wailed he was only an 18-year-old kid, he hadn’t screamed and run from the chimera like everyone else, he stepped forward to do the job no one else could handle. At the end of it, he issued the order that destroyed Thetis and gave humanity a new swear word. “Nuke it to cinders!”[3]
"The True Story"
He wasn't a military cadet nor a member of the military in any capacity.

References and Notes


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