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The Military had been rushed into declaring it safe for colonization, quarantine measures had failed, and the horror of the chimera had been loosed on humanity.

–narrative, [1]


Every horror vid set in the nightmare of the Thetis chaos year features the sudden torrential rainstorm in the middle of the handover ceremony on Thetis.

–narrative, [2]

When Thetis was handed over to Colony 10, the ceremony was interrupted by a serve rain storm. Ever since the Chimera the Military goes to great lengths to make sure that there is only sunshine during the hand over ceremony.

The crowd responded with the ritual reply that had been said on every new colony world since the handover ceremony for Thetis was interrupted by torrential rain. “May the sun shine brightly on Miranda.”

–narrative, [3]


Planetary Specifications

Day / Night = 00 hrs. 00 min. 00 Sec.<ref>Title (p. #)</ref>

Year = 00 Earth Months<ref>Title (ch. #)</ref>

Gravity = ##% lower or Same<ref>Title (p. #)</ref>

Flora and Fauna

References and Notes


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