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Timeline of Major Events

22nd Century
2142 15 November - Thaddeus Alexander Wallam-Crane was born
23th Century
2206 Thaddeus Alexander Wallam-Crane invented Portal technology
2229 New York subways are closed down and main accesses block off
---- Thaddeus Carmichael Wallam-Crane united earth under one government
2280 A unified language was ratified
2290 Thaddeus Ignatius Wallam-Crane Invented the 5 sec. drop portal, making it possible to travel interstellar in seconds
24th Century
2306 June 1st, the first manned drop portal was used by Major Kerr to go to another planet (Adonis) which became known as Flight Day.
  • Humanity’s science and technology was at its peak.
  • Colonization begins in Alpha Sector.
  • Exodus Century Begins, Most of earth population leaves for new planets over the next 100 years.
2340 Adonis declares its independence and forms its own government.
Soon after other colony worlds joined in declaring their independence. They formed a Parliament of Planets and made their own decisions of how many colonists to accept.
2365 Earth Loyalist Party won the vote which halted the colonization process.
The last world in Alpha sector opened for colonization (Scavenger Alliance p. 28)
2370 The expansionists party wins the vote and the colonization process goes into overdrive
Beta Sector opens for Colonization
2375 The Earth Resistance was formed.
2380 London is officially abandoned.
2380 to 2390 Sydney and New Tokyo are abandoned
2381 Gamma Sector opened for colonization
Lagos, Earth Africa is officially abandoned. One of the Regional Parliament Centers
2382 The United Earth Government brought in the Criminal Movement Restriction Measures. That added a security block to the portal system so it could only be used by people on a specially created register of reputable citizens.
2389 New York is officially abandoned
2390 to 2400 Sydney and New Tokyo burn in massive firestorms.
25th Century
2400 Lagos, Earth Africa is hit with massive firestorms.
2401 London is hit with a massive firestorm and the entire city burns
2408 Scavenger Exodus Series
  • Earth Data Net crashes. Vast amount of data was lost, both technological and historic.
  • Exodus Century Ends.[1]
c. 2420 Start of the Runners and Changeling Era
26th Century
c. 2510
  • Tellon Blaze makes the first cross-sector call See Communications
  • Thetis chaos year[2]
27th Century
c. 2600 Delta Sector Opens for Colonization
2605 Beta Sector declares the 2nd Roman Empire and succeeds from the rest of humanity
2639 New York, Earth America is opened up as a dig site to recover lost technology & history
2658 Artemis is devastated, the 2nd Roman Empire Ends. Humanity is once again united.
2698 Epsilon Sector Opens up for Colonization
28th Century
2781 Hera is almost destroyed by a Comet. Hera 2781
c. 2788 Kappa Sector opens for Colonization
2788 Earth Girl Short Stories and Novellas
2789 Earth Girl Trilogy and Aftermath Stories
2790 Xenoarchaeologist start to recover information on the Alien planet, Fortuna


In 2310, humanity’s science and technology was at its peak. We’ve now surpassed them in the areas of medicine and portal technology, but we’re still painfully regaining the rest.”

Pladon, [3]


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