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OverviewDig Site Federation

There are many campuses scattered all over the planet, at least one per continent but all are connected as one University with the same curriculum.

Maintains Ark


I wouldn’t dare to argue with the Earth Dig Site Federation

–Jarra, [1]


In the mid 27th century Earth Historians started working in earth ruins to discover lost technology and Earth's past. They not only developed the techniques for recovering lost knowledge but discovered the dangers first hand and determined protocols for handling them.

The early archaeologists created the clearways, safe paths through the ruins.

The rediscoveries of knowledge lost in the Earth data net crash have come from artefacts discovered on dig sites run by University Earth’s Dig Site Federation. About half of those artefacts were found by University Earth’s own teams, and every single one of the evaluations was carried out by their wide range of specialist experts.

Some of the earlier lost technology that was rediscovered in the ruins, is hover equipment, food dispensers, and impact suits.


University Earth established a Dig Site Federation that is in overall charge of all of the archaeology work being done on Earth. Each dig site consists of:

Command Center

The Command Center is staffed by Dig Site federation employees. They monitor the dig sites looking for especially dangerous area that they will flag as too dangerous to work in, keep records of each square of the grid, ensure that stasis boxes are opened safely and their contents are analyzed by the appropriate experts and most of all monitor the archaeologists impact suits during emergencies.

Emergency Control

Staffed to response appropriately to any emergencies at a dig site, from a massive evacuation to a buried or injured archaeologist.

Air Safety Officer

Responsible for enforcing all safety rules and regulations for all pilots, both the professional ones employed by the federation and for the amateur pilots that occasionally help out with dig site surveys.


The Federation employs professional pilots to conduct survey's of the main and fringe sites. There is never enough pilots so the pilots are encouraged to offer rides to prospective new pilots and to teach them to fly.

Next of Kin

The Next-of-Kin tradition has been developed by Earth Archaeologist for whenever they encounter human skeletons among the ruins of Earth.


The Dig Site Federation maintains a Graveyard on each of Earth continents. Each of the graveyards are meticulously cared for and have three sections.

  • Zone E for the graves of University Earth archaeologists
  • Zone N for the Next of Kin graves
  • Zone O for the graves of off-world archaeologists.


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