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Thaddeus Alexander Wallam-Crane gave humanity portal technology.[1]

When Thaddeus Alexander first made a discovery that led to the creation of portal travel, he was a research scientist working for a technology company, and his son Thaddeus Benjamin recognized the economic potential of his discovery.

Thaddeus Benjamin Wallam-Crane gave humanity portals on every street corner.[1]

Thaddeus Benjamin bought out the company that employed his father and owned his research. Through years of struggle while his father worked toward the first portal, Benjamin kept the company solvent despite hovering on the brink of bankruptcy. In 2206, when Thaddeus Alexander demonstrated the first portal prototype, Thaddeus Benjamin’s years of work paid off and he had access to nearly unlimited credit.

After that demonstration, Thaddeus Benjamin established the rules for the Wallam-Crane Portal Company:

  • No one outside of the family could own shares in the company
  • The company would never sell a portal, but rent them out

Under his guidance the company expanded, and he ruthlessly dealt with any company attempting to develop rival technology. Within ten years, portals were appearing everywhere and intercontinental portals were being built.

Thaddeus Carmichael Wallam-Crane gave humanity an Earth united in peace and prosperity,[1]

Thaddeus Carmichael united the earth under one government and created a unified language. Additionally, he was a brilliant and imaginative architect that created some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. He designed the Earth parliament buildings and the three great habitats for humanity- Eden, Ark, and Atlantis. From there, he moved on to revitalizing cities by creating the City Hearts rebuild project. The City Hearts gave the cities vibrant new centers.

It is suspected that Thaddeus Carmichael was also involved in the California Land Raft project, San Angeles. Because of the lost information when the Earth Data net crashed in 2409, how it came about is unknown.

The Berlin Spire complex at the heart of Berlin has been longed believed to be another Heart rebuild project, even though it differed from the other cities in that it was built to include housing with protective shields. Dannel Playdon, lecturer for Asgard 6, now believes that it may have been an early Habitat for Humanity project. [2]

Thaddeus Ignatius Wallam-Crane gave humanity the stars.[1]

He invented the 5 sec drop portal that enabled man to reach the stars. (See Drop Portals)

Thaddeus Liberty Wallam-Crane [1]

Thaddeus Napoleon. Wallam-Crane

Thaddeus Odysseus Wallam-Crane

Thaddeus Paul Wallam-Crane [1]

“This chamber was built for Thaddeus Wallam-Crane the Eighth.” He nodded. “This monument was abandoned, but there’s one just like it on Adonis. Its eighth memorial chamber will have a window depicting me one day. My grandfather has already planned the words to go above that window. They’re supposed to say that Thaddeus Paul Wallam-Crane re-invented interstellar portal technology and saved civilization on five hundred worlds.” [1]

He did go on to recreate portal technology using an early prototype of Thaddeus the First that he retrieved in 2408 from the Wallam-Crane Museum in New York City.

Adonis and Alpha Sector had lost faith in his ability to recreate the portals so Thaddeus Paul (Tad) was invited to Beta Sector to lead the Fidelis project. He had to build simpler portals so that the available technology and skills could build them. These recreated portals had limited range and had to have the destination codes entered.

Wallam-Crane Citadel

The head office for the Wallam-Crane Portal company was located in New York City. Atop this massive building is a mansion, the New York residence of the Wallam-Crane family. The palatal mansion was surrounded by ornamental lakes and parks. It was far taller than any other building in the area.

“…The Citadel got its name because it had lethal defenses, and Cage has turned those defenses on.” [3]

Before the Citadel is a vast open area, Wallam-Crane Square, where people could gather to hear public broadcasts and announcements from the Citadel. Beyond that was the original Wallam-Crane Monument, depicting 1 floor for each of the Wallam-Crame family member depicted in a stain glass window.

Wallam-Crane Monument.

A massive statue of the original Thaddeus Wallam-Crane, based on the old Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. The monument stands next to the Unity Bridge that crosses the Hudson river to Unity City. Each floor of the monument is dedicated to a single member of the Wallam-Crane family

Exodus Century

Just Before Exodus Century started, there was a sensible plan for people to immigrate to new worlds, but in 2340, Adonis and the other new planets declared their sovereignty from Earth and formed the Parliament of Planets. As a result, emigration from Earth became chaotic and difficult.

The world expected the Wallam-Crane family to put a stop to it, but instead they made a deal to move the company to Adonis, likely in response to a new law that forbid any Earth company from holding property on other worlds.[4] Once on Adonis they built a replica of the original Monument. The original Monument, located in New York City, was destroyed in a fire that raged for two months in the summer of 2408.

Chimera Wars

After the Fidelis project successfully created new and simpler portal technology, the Wallam-Crane portal company lost nearly all of its hegemony, left as a small charitable foundation, with a new decentralized system running the portal network. During the Chimera Wars, however, Tellon Blaze brought the portal network back into Wallam-Crane Company control. He also ordered the implementation of bio-filters to prevent the chimera from traveling through any portal.

28th Century

The Wallam-Crane Portal Company has been renamed to the Wallam-Crane Charitable Foundation. In addition to overseeing the Portal Network, the foundation preserves historical buildings, funds portal technology research, and assists refugees seeking relocation to a new world. The founding charter of the Wallam-Crane Charitable Foundation says "Let the stars go dark and civilization crumble before any distressed member of humanity is refused sanctuary on a colony world."[4] To honor this mission, the foundation aids refugees fleeing worlds due to both planetary and personal conflicts. The Youth Section specifically assists new adults fleeing their home worlds.

In Deltan Escape, Fian is assisted by the Wallam-Crane Charitable Foundation in his escape from his home planet of Hercules.

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