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Year Day is celebrated on all of the planets based on Green Time". Green Time Corresponds to current-day Greenwich Mean Time. Greenwich Mean Time was naturally extended to become Interstellar Standard Greenwich Mean Time, and later contracted to become Interstellar Standard Green Time.

Year Day has become the standard birthdate for many planets and sectors. Without the Year Day standardization, the planets that take other than 12 standard months to travel around their sun would create age confusion when moving to another planet or to attend university in another sector.


Every planet has a modified Green Time calendar that is adjusted for the local times to somewhat match up with Earth's Green Time Year change.

The rules are that the month of December has their number of days adjusted so the last day of the month at midnight, will tick over to January 1st of Earth's Green Time. For example, Hercules has extra days added. so our calendar year compensated for it by having either 36 or 37 days in December.[1]

Whereas Zeus has a day length that is roughly equivalent to 25 hrs., so their December would be shortened to 14 or 15 days. Then at midnight (local time) of the last day of December, the Green Time calendar would change over to the new year.

The rules for all of the planets within a sector, must change over to Year Day, prior to their capital planet. And once the capital planets of all the sectors have changed year, interstellar standard Green Time changes year at midnight.[2] For every year, to determine what each planet's GT calendar has to be worked out backwards starting with when Earth's GT changes.

Most if not all universities start student incoming on January 2nd. Universal holidays are celebrated according to interstellar standard Green Time, such as Flight Day on June 1st and Wallam-Crane day on November 15th.

Local Calendars

No mention has really been made about local calendars, but it is presumed that a local planetary calendar must exist. For example, Adonis's planetary year is equal to about 14 earth months. Part of their naming tradition includes the month they are born in, for example Draven Fedorov Seti Raven, the third name is the month that Raven was born in. The main reason for presuming that a planetary calendar is also used is because of the natural planets cycle would be important for farmers and ecologists.

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