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The Zulu Dig Site was established by the Military when Jarra determined that there was probably something buried directly under the probe that would point humanity in the direction to communicate with it.

Located in Earth Africa, just north of Eden, it is where the Alien Artifact is eventually found.

It is directly under the geostationary Alien Probe that came to Earth just after the Super Solar Storm, Carrington Event.


The area that the dig is located at is in pre-rainforest phase covered in Griffith hybrids trees. After clearing the area directly under the Alien probe, sensor readings and drilling told them that there wasn't anything buried there. Jarra was in despair when she realized that there were an unusual number of Tuan Creepers growing high up in the trees.

With Fian, they worked out the area where there was the largest concentration of the Tuan Creepers, then took the Survey plan up to extend the dig site mosaic. Once they were able to get a better survey of the area, they discovered a hill that had a landslide with the greatest number of Creepers in the same area.

After clearing enough of the rubble from the landslide, Jarra discovered an opening to a tunnel in the hill and the first door to the Alien Artifact.

The dig site remains under Military control and security, with scientist working on identify various elements of the artifact.

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